Centre Island Amusement Park Toronto Islands – Web design and Ecommerce

Centre Island Amusement Park | www.Centreisland.ca
The Centre Island operates an amusement park for young children, a recreational farm, family friendly restaurants and hosted birthday parties, corporate team building workshops, off and onsite catering and educational programs. Centre Island sought to update its website to better serve adults planning a trip to the Toronto Islands, and children who wanted to see how much fun the park would be.
UIM, partnered with Takamatsu Group, aimed to deliver on two primary goals: design a layout appealing to adults and children and facilitate improved ecommerce needs. Using a bright colour palette, UIM designed the layout to be fun and engaging, with call outs to help adults reach specific services.
Ecommerce was broken down into three primary areas: amusement park tickets, ferry tickets and online catering/restaurant forms. Over the following three months the webpage traffic increased by X% and Centre Island received strong, positive feedback on how easy the site is to use.

Centre Island Amusement Park - www.centreisland.ca
Centreville is the ultimate summer destination for families with young children. With over 30 rides and attractions this theme park offers up a full day of family fun. The 14-acre theme park offers antique-themed rides and fanciful animals.
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