Since 1998, User In Mind Internet Solutions has been developing products that have enabled our clients to better achieve their objectives through the Internet. We are a company based in Toronto, Canada with both national and international clients. UIM is a full service Web Development firm that offers a full range of business solutions across 3 major disciplines:

Website Development
Online Marketing
E-Learning Initiatives and Diagnostic Tools

Creative, Technology, and Strategy. User in Mind Internet Solutions (UIM) brings together these unique disciplines as your partner in developing and implementing your project. We are passionate about the limitless capabilities of the Internet and nothing excites us more than to apply creativity and innovation in ways that brings a high-level satisfaction and success to our customers.


UIM invests a great deal of time commitment to ensure that we develop the best, most cost-effective development solution for your specific business. We understand how valuable an effective online strategy is and our focus is to make it work for you.

UIM's Web Development, eLearning and Online Marketing projects are ROI driven. We believe that the success of a project can be seen in the bottom-line. With this in mind we strive to integrate your web design and development project seamlessly into your everyday business. Our goal is to ensure that the project functions as a tool that will provide legitimacy, increase sales/productivity, improve efficiency, and lead to increased awareness.


We work closely with our clients to ensure they are present through every step of the development process. Our desire is to maintain the very highest level of customer satisfaction, something that has been key to our success thus far. We strive each and every day to ensure that we provide service that exceeds our client's expectations.


We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of innovation in the field of Web Development, Online Marketing and eLearning. Our portfolio demonstrates an understanding of a wide variety of businesses and organizations for which we have custom made solutions. We have a close-knit team of talented individuals who excel in their abilities to provide original and groundbreaking techniques in their work. UIM's consulting team has experience in real estate, education, print, finance and many other verticals. Each individual in the UIM family has years of experience in providing Web solutions to various types of organizations. You will find knowledgeable individuals in both the design and business aspects of UIM. We are confident that with our experience we can take on any development needs.

We have provided successful development and/or integration of technologies to support the unique needs of various types of organizations which have included:

Small to Mid Sized Businesses
Fortune 500 Companies
Learning Institutions (Colleges and Universities)
Not for Profit Organizations
Sports and Entertainment

We are constantly working to stay on top of new technologies that can better serve both our existing and future clientele. Furthermore, we recognize that organizational strategies extend beyond the Internet; therefore we work with our clients to design a solution that will integrate seamlessly with existing business operations, both procedurally and technically.

All of our solutions are developed with one fundamental principle in mind: it all begins with the end user . Let us help you implement an Internet strategy that puts your users first. Whether those users are customers, students, volunteers, or employees, UIM will support your organization in determining the most relevant strategy before moving forward.