Discovery Process

Discovery Process

How you use technology in your business determines whether you succeed or fail. UIM Digital is an experienced web and software development company. Our approach delivers quality applications and web development that make a difference, on time and on budget. We're proud of the companies and major enterprises across Canada that use our services.

Below is an overview of the general process that we follow for each new engagement.

Business Strategy Critical Element Concept Discovery
Define Identifying Vision and Purpose

  • UIM listens to our clients' ambitions and challenges in order to shape an understanding of their objectives. We analyze and assess the needs, goals and challenges facing your business. Once these are recognized, strategic goals are established which outline the project purpose, scope, implementation plan, and technical and budgetary requirements.
Conceive Imagining Vision and Purpose

  • A functional prototype gives the project substance and form. Components are engineered from a user's perspective with special emphasis on functionality, scalability, and clear and effective information design.
Develop Extending Vision and Purpose

  • The project is developed with a strong focus on functional and technical detail. Development will include coding and scripting, instructional design, navigational system, and application layout.
Implement Executing Vision and Purpose

  • Full-scale implementation occurs in accordance with the set objectives. We test all components of the project to ensure all requirements are met, with specific emphasis on consistency and accuracy.
Cultivate Nurture/Promote/Foster Vision and Purpose

  • We implement a first-level support structure (including end-user) to foster quality assurance for our client projects and provide appropriate documentation and training.

We take development seriously and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project.