Our Structure & Core Areas of Expertise

Our Structure & Core Areas of Expertise

UIM consists of three work streams: Business, Creative and Technology.

  • The Business group conceptualizes functional online solutions which meet client objectives in addition to managing the client relationship.
  • The Creative group is comprised of artists, multimedia developers and usability experts. Their primary role is to visually conceive of and shape the aesthetic requirements of a project through the marriage of technology and user needs while working within branding parameters.
  • The Technology team fulfills the responsibility of programming, systems analysis and integration, as well as testing and trouble-shooting.

All groups are united in our ongoing commitment to exceed client expectations.

UIM's services and approaches include:

  • Integrated Change Communications Strategies & Implementation Plans
  • Employees/Stakeholder Engagement & Training
  • Organizational Design & Effectiveness Plans for Communication Departments
  • Internal Brand Communications

As industry innovators, quality and timeliness are paramount in providing our clients with a definitive advantage in the marketplace. Whether the goal is increased efficiency, improved tracking mechanisms, automated processing, or online transactions, UIM develops technology concepts and ideas that translate into success. We employ a thorough and tested development process to overcome the traditional problems of Web work. Breaking up large projects into small segments that can be completed rapidly is a common practice since this gives our clients closer control over the process.