Four Reasons You Should Embrace Responsive Web Design

Responsive-DesignResponsive web design is an approach where the design and development of a website is aware and receptive to a users' display environment That means that the website will be viewable despite the screen size, resolution or orientation on the device on which they access websites (I.e. SmartPhones, Laptops, Tablets and others).

Responsive design makes websites look great across all supported media devices, delivering the optimal user experience that allows users to read content and navigate without having to resize, scroll or pan around with their thumbs. Google, which currently accounts for 67.6% of the overall search market share, advocates responsive web design for four key reasons.

While this is fairly common knowledge, it’s amazing how many business are unaware of these concepts and continue to maintain regular and mobile versions of their site.

1. It eliminates the need to crawl and index different versions of the same website

Responsive web design uses one version of code and a single URL for the webpage regardless of the device used to access it. This makes it easier for Google to crawl and index content, enabling more efficient content discovery than if Googlebots were to crawl and index multiple versions of the same site.
This is important because it allows all traffic associated with the URL to be credited to one URL which improves overall search engine performance.

2. It allows users to share and link to content more easily

When desktop and mobile content originate from a single URL, users can interact with and share and link to content easily on multiple platforms. This also makes the job of assigning indexing properties to the website content easier for Google, increasing your chance to be ranked more highly in Google searches.

3. Responsive web design is compatible with today’s multi-screen world

Users consume digital content on a number of screens. You may check out the dinner menu of a restaurant on your smartphone on your way to work and make reservations on your office laptop.

It is important for the restaurant owner that his website renders well on laptops and mobile phones so that potential customers can comfortably view what they're looking for, and continue interacting with the site on multiple devices. This applies to any organization.

4. A better return on your investment

Most web development company will agree that responsive web design will deliver a good return on your online marketing investment in today's multi-screen world of tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops and netbooks. A website ready to support new devices as they enter the market can reduce the upfront and ongoing costs that you would have otherwise spent in building a separate mobile-friendly site for your business.

The optimal viewing experience delivered by responsive design also contributes to satisfied visitors, and can have a direct impact on conversion rates. With Google moving towards adding mobile user experience as a ranking factor, it would make good business sense to evaluate how responsive web design can add value to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, customer engagement and online marketing efforts.

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