GeoSmart Energy Site Launch

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Although a fairly new company, GeoSmart Energy represents over three centuries of combined experience and has earned a solid reputation for its knowledge and expertise in renewable energy. The firm built its reputation through the provision of premium quality, cost-effective, energy-efficient and renewable heating and cooling solutions. More recently, it added solar energy solutions to its portfolio of innovative solutions.
When GeoSmart sought to develop its online strategy and presence, the firm selected UIM as their technology partner. The website needed to serve three primary objectives; (i) increase consumers’ understanding of the renewable energy solutions offered by GeoSmart, (ii) help dealers promote the products, and (iii) connect consumer to their local dealers.
The end result was a combination of three distinct elements that collectively addressed the stated goals and more. The first component was a content managed website that effectively reflected the brand and presented key information. The site included a Dealer Locator to help consumers easily connect with a local service provider. Next, a private dealer area was created that enabled GeoSmart to provide critical updates and material to its team in a secure manner, and ensure Dealer contact info was always up-to-date. Lastly, an interactive presentation was created to creative explain geothermal energy to consumer. Visit to check out this great company and the website features developed by UIM.
Areas of Service:

  • eLearning
  • Website with full Content Management
  • Extranet for Dealers