Interactive Tutorials

We develop interactive tutorials, training and online course work to promote organizational goals


Learning Management Systems (LMS)

From standard platforms to custom environments, we help organizations put the right framework in place


Diagnostic Tools and Surveys

We have a variety of tools to engage users and extract valuable insights within organizations



UIM Digital delivers end-to-end elearning strategies that make organizations better.


For over a decade, we have developed robust elearning solutions that deliver effective training and quantifiable results for organizations of all kinds. We understand how adults learn through technology and what motivates them, which are the foundations for a successful online program. We have come to appreciate five basic principles that can dramatically affect the impact of elearning

  • Consistency in presentation creates a comfort level surrounding learning
  • Pro-active perceptive learning is more effective than passive-receptive learning
  • Reiteration through summaries enhances retention
  • Simple messages improve retrieval and consistency of application
  • Motivation for learning will be impacted by perceived risk

By applying these principles, we help learners acquire new knowledge, develop practical skills, understand expectations, and reference resources on an ongoing basis. UIM consistently receives incredible feedback with our online learning initiatives.

As a Toronto web development company, we have provided elearning solutions for many trusted brands and welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help your organization’s training initiatives succeed.



Our elearning development method is based on the above learning principles, and it reflects our strength in project execution. UIM's online learning process focuses on phases and deliverables that can be adapted to fit with your environment, budget, and timeline. We share responsibility with our clients in ensuring that your curriculum and the design plan meets the needs of the audience, is technically accurate, educationally sound and consistent with core approaches to training.


Project Initiation

UIM works with you to define the project objectives and plan. We understand that time and client motivation may not permit the formal preparation of a training needs assessment, but it is valuable to engage in a dialogue of your program’s objectives and desired outcomes – even if simply addressed informally.


Documentation and Design

Typically, UIM produces the overarching layout, content map, interactive component descriptions and details, and the flow of chapters/content within the components and curriculum.

With the online infrastructure, we consult with our clients and prepare an extensive functional specifications document. The functional specification document outlines the fields, features, processes, etc. that will ensure the end result addresses your organizations needs, whether you run a non profit, start-up or established corporation.



The development stage shifts from UIM's focus from planning to action. UIM begins web development on the technical and creative programming aspects of the project. From the storyboard and its derivatives, UIM begins by producing design composites for client review and sign-off to ensure your project stays on track from the outset. The previous phases’ documentation will provide the parameters for accelerated development since content presentation and interactivity will have been finalized, reducing development time and getting your organization the elearning tool your clients, volunteers and customers need.

UIM's elearning clients cross industries. From non-profit to corporate training, UIM Internet Solutions has the web development solution for your organization:


Clients Include: