Diagnostic Tools and Surveys

Diagnostic Tools & Internet Surveys

UIM has created a variety of online questionnaires to collect data/research for various organizational purposes.


Diagnostic tools and internet survey's are used in many different applications. If your non-profit needs to collect demographic information on your volunteers to better focus your marketing efforts, survey's answer that need. If you're looking to provide an interactive tool to allow your customers to custom-build your product, diagnostic tools are the solution.

UIM's 15 years experience as a Toronto ELearning development company has made us experts in surveying and diagnostic tools for all types of businesses.

Development Process

Typically the survey is set up as the first part of a training initiative with the data compiled for the client in an easy-to-use format. UIM’s online learning diagnostic tools provide your users with feedback, while simultaneously building a database of information for your organization.

Our assessments/quizzes are characterized by a series of questions that link to a definitive scoring sheet. At the end of a given exercise, the user's data is processed with the option of immediately presenting the results as a graph or report.

A popular use of UIM's diagnostic tool expertise has been to develop assessment tools for organizations that leverage user and managerial input. An innovative variation, UIM’s 360° assessment allows a participant to complete a self-evaluation and invites peers, colleagues, managers, subordinates, etc. to anonymously complete the same evaluation for the user. The end result is a comprehensive output representing the analyzed, aggregated data results.

Our Elearning Interactive Tutorials include projects completed for the following clients.


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