Interactive Tutorials

Interactive Tutorials


With the ability to combine text, graphics, audio, video, and animation to encourage interactivity, the Internet is a revolutionary medium for educational material.


UIM can bring your course material to life through engaging E-learning modules that will promote online training and education. We will develop your interactive tutorials, training and online course work to promote your organizations goals, brand and online presence. This interactivity can function as independent tutorials/presentations or be a part of a larger curriculum.

Interactive ELearning Elements may include:

  • Interactive videos
  • Online quiz’s
  • User Feedback
  • Multi-session training

Education usually involves some kind of registration process, scoring, note taking, glossary, index, etc. For more extensive requirements, UIM Digital offers the IntraLearn LMS solution to its clients.

Explore our cost-effective solutions from previous client experiences and learn more about UIM's vision for using the Internet to enhance educational opportunities.

Our Elearning Interactive Tutorials include projects completed for the following clients.


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