Mobile Development

Mobile Development

We develop apps for Apple iOS, Android and mobile web. With a perfect blend of creative and science, our team can help you create exemplary mobile experiences.

We are a Toronto-based mobile app development team. We’re entrepreneurial, pretty smart and fun; we specialize in apps that look to transform your business and engage your target markets. Whether it’s helping your organisation to develop mobile apps for iPhone or Android, or optimising your site for use on smartphones and tablets – we can help.

We believe in creating serious mobile apps. Our clients come to us for smart thinking, unconstrained by rules or precedent, which we consider the only way to get ahead in a world of apps that changes daily.


Tthe team at UIM Digital are top class mobile designers and app developers, equipped to make your app shine, whether on Apple iOS and Android. We're also experienced in optimising your web experience, from responsive design to HTML5 development..


If the world changes every other Thursday, how can you still write a 'business plan'? We can help you figure out what's going and how to craft your app idea into a winner. We are here to support you in turning constant change into endless opportunities.


Building an app is no good if your users don't know about it. We help clients capture attention through smart promotion. From social media and mobile advertising, to app store optimisation, we help drive your baby up the App Store charts.


We help our clients put their money where it really matters: be that through Google, Facebook advertising, promoted Tweets, mobile display adverts, location-based targeting and other types of smart mobile media.

A Talent For Mobile

We aid clients through the process of app development from application design and user experience (UX) to coding and maintenance. Smartphone or tablet, Apple iOS or Android; we have specialists that excel, and because we have planning, creative and technical all working as a single team, we deliver apps that are perfectly integrated pieces of design and technology.

Look what we can do!


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