Search Engine Optimization

UIM increases your websites search ranking by using a variety of SEO techniques; see table below. UIM’s integrated Site Statistics software tracks your websites search engine ranking and comes standard with all hosting packages. Approximately 90% of users do not look past a third website page. Our strategies involve applying proven principles/techniques and investing the time to make significant gains through keywords, metadata and content creation.

Our service is available for a minimum 6-month period in order to afford us the time to achieve meaningful results. Six months allows us to make a difference, but continuous monitoring and updates are the best way to achieve a successful SEO strategy.

The following table highlights the services we provide as part of an SEO strategy package.

Item Description
Benchmark traffic and search engine positioning Generate a status report for your business
Keyword research and analysis Target long-tail keyword phrases for every page of your website.
Competitive analysis Analyze your competitors compare your strategy to your top competitors
Create Meta content Recommend website modifications to capture qualified traffic
On-page optimization Recommend modifications to all main pages of your website
Search engine submission Manual submission to all major search engines.
Create a Link Development Campaign Create a strategy to encourage inbound links to your website.
Provide fresh content for your website Analyze how your website can provide fresh content and build a following over time.
Monitor and maintain Use tracking software continuously analyze website traffic, and recommend modifications.