Website Development

Website Development

UIM is a web development company in Toronto, Canada. We use agile techniques to build websites and website applications for clients all across the country and in other part of the world. Our web development services include websites, applications, workflow management systems, database and software development. We are also one of the leading providers of Online Scheduling Software.
We are experts in delivering easy to use, data driven, and information rich applications. From small scale community sites through to large scale corporate web applications driven by enterprise scale content management systems. We provide specialist web development consultancy, expert technical skills and design that works. And we don’t stop once your project is launched: we provide ongoing services such as hosting, customer support, and enhancement sprints to ensure that your project evolves with your business.

Business Specialists

We deliver real benefit to your organisation by understanding your business objectives, how these relate to your project and how this translates into the design, structure and features. Through our Agile web development approach you get regular releases of high quality features, and a process that evolves based on your, and your customers’, feedback.

Expert Technical Skills

Around half our team are technical, with most having over 5 years experience designing and building software systems. Through our experience we know the importance of deep quality from the code up all the way to the user interface. We are great believers in XP methods such as short development cycles, test driven development and continuous integration, and we’ve customised our development tools to ensure that even the smallest project can benefit from these practices.

Through the use of our frameworks you get the benefit of tried and tested components, and where you need custom code we ensure that its functionality and performance is properly tested.

Design That Works

We deliver effective design: both in terms of the look and feel and the usability of the site. We design the artistic aspects and usability of the site at the same time as they are equally important, and we take time to properly understand your users so that we deliver design, structure and functionality tailored exactly to their needs.
If we sound like the kind of web development company you want to work with please get in touch to discuss your project.

All our web development projects use Agile Methodology. Agile Web Development promises to deliver shippable quality features as early as possible, so you can test these features with actual users, guiding further feature development. From our experience, once you’ve tried Agile there’s no going back.

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