Trick or Eat – Web design SEO and Stakeholder Engagement

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UIM and MealExchange have launched the 2013 Trick or Eat site just in time for Halloween. UIM used a clean template to draw out features critical to Trick or Eat’s goals. Using an Artez charitable giving thermometer, Trick or Eat was able to graphically represent progress in a meaningful and festive way
UIM developed chapter pages, controls and location finder. These tools allowed Trick or Eat to engage with its participants online and drive traffic back to the site. UIM implemented an Easy Blog component that allows for easy content generation, improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and stakeholder engagement.
The location finder added significant value to the Trick or Eat team. By showing a graphic representation of the programs reach, it allows participants to know that they’re part of social change across the world.
Trick or Eat -
Trick or Eat encourages community members across North America to raise money online and go door-to-door collecting non-perishable food items. Trick or Eat is a holiday-themed drive created and organized by Meal Exchange. Meal Exchange seeks to empower youth to take an active role in improving their local food system.
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