UIM Work Streams

UIM Work Streams

UIM is an integrated, team-based organization where all staff members serve meaningful roles in web development, online support and professional services. Such an arrangement supports our business model of efficient operations, maximum return on client investments, and dynamic, forward-thinking leadership.

Clients Implemention Strategy:

  • Technology Development and Systems Integration
  • Process and Efficiency

The completion of projects is rarely only about fulfilling the technical requirements. Client objectives require a thoughtful approach, so UIM commits time to assessing your current needs and if there will be any need for future development. We study legacy systems and current business processes to get a picture of how you do business today and how technology changes will affect business tomorrow.

Technology Development and Systems Integration

UIM-built websites and systems make extensive use of the latest tools like Microsoft's .NET and PHP to produce stable, secure and scalable architecture. Some examples of initiatives requiring a broad range of tools include database development, web integration, content management and online education.

Process and Efficiency

UIM provides effective direction and control to help clients see their project's immediate and longterm benefits. We also focus on the management of Internet technologies risks and constraints and guide our clients through potential concerns. Our services and approaches include:

  • Scope alignment
  • Internal project management and overall staff resource commitment
  • Implementation phasing
  • Integration