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Victim Services Ontario and UIM have launched As part of the Victim Services Ontario launch, UIM provided training documents, training guides and support services.

The training guides have given Victim Services Ontario control over their site. The step-by-step web design guides for Joomla have made CMS easy, even for their less technically inclined.
By making use of the training and guides, administrative staff were able to create a page without seeking additional support.

Support services have been used to make more significant changes quickly. Some examples of the work Victim Services have been able to do themselves include: updating major content areas, changing any and all images, updating physical location address, creating a 'members only' section for high-level officals in the organization and creating subpages that act as an easily-organized content library. This has allowed Victim Services Ontario to make their website the focal point of the organizations web presence.

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Ontario Victim Services is part of the Network of Victim Services and promotes awareness to raise the profile of victim service agencies across the province of Ontario. Ontario Victim Services helps inform victims of their rights and how they should expect to be treated in accordance with the Act Respecting Victims of Crime - Victims' Bill of Rights, which sets principles that guide how justice system officials should treat victims at different stages of the criminal justice process.

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