Young Drivers – eLearning with Interactive Videos

Young Drivers of Canada |

Young Drivers reached out to UIM to develop an eLearning program for parents of young adults. Using interactive video, UIM and Young Drivers have delivered an eLearning platform that’s engaging and informative.

UIM worked closely with Young Drivers to develop and edit a script suitable for an eLearning tool. Using responsive design practices, the interactive videos transition smoothly from computer to tablet or mobile device. With the help of UIM, Young Drivers has created an eLearning tool designed for the busy, responsible parent.

Launched late in 2013, Young Drivers now has the opportunity to continue teaching outside the classroom and reach parents directly. It is the intention of the eLearning program to teach parents how to be better teachers themselves. By giving parents the knowledge of how to teach their children how to drive, Young Drivers is helping make the road a safer place for everyone.

Young Drivers -
Young Drivers is an organization of highly-trained driving instructors who teach habits using the Collisionfree! Approach. Young Drivers is commited to reducing the number of road deaths and injuries by promoting the improvement of driver licensing and testing standards.

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